It’s Smart To Buy A Smart TV

So you thought your cell phone was your only smart device right? Actually come to think of it, is a cell phone really a cell phone if it is a smart phone? Before I lose my train of thought trying to answer philosophical questions about handheld digital devices a few words about the newest “Smart” gadget, Smart TV. While hardly a gadget based on the size of these units, Smart TV is the next generation in home entertainment centers and it is a logical extension of every digital audio and video electronic device that preceded it. Smart TV is also known as “Connected TV” or “Hybrid TV.” In a nutshell, and soon it will probably fit in a nutshell, Smart TV is a TV component that integrates your computer/Web/Internet capabilities with the latest in large flat screen TV’s. Really, to get a better idea of what Smart TV is, take a quick look at the various digital boxes, computers, TV’s and DVD’s around your home. Now picture them being combined into one unit and Viola!!! Smart TV. Now that you know what Smart TV is, here is a sample of some of the most popular Smart TV’s and where you can find them. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Source For Under Cabinet TV’s

TV’s have always been one of those electronic devices that can arguably be used in any, and I mean any room in the house. From the bathroom and garage to bedroom and family room, I’ve seen television monitors in the most likely, and unlikely spots in the many homes that I’ve visited during my lifetime. In fact, the ubiquitous nature of the television has been taken to new heights, or depths depending on your prospective, with TV monitors now found in cars and vans, in handheld devices, and even on bicycle handle bars. One of the better places for a TV, other than its more traditionally sensible locations, is the kitchen and these days the technology available to bring a vivid TV image to America’s cooks while at the same time being able to be neatly stored out of harms way is better than ever. Here are a few of the most popular under-counter TV’s available as well as the places to find them. Read the rest of this entry »

Ins and Outs of LED TV

LED TV is probably the most misunderstood of all of the new large TV monitor technology. Rather than using an entirely different technology to project images onto its big flat screen monitor, LED TV’s refer to the type of lighting, or back lighting that is used in a LCD TV. Many people believe that the better term for LED TV is really LED-back-lit LCD TV. Simply stated, LED is a flat panel display that uses back light illumination to project images. Rather than go on and on about what LED TV is, better to let you know that LED TV has to be seen to be believed and here’s are some of the most popular models and where you can find them.

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Plasma TV Buying Guide

You would think that the inventors and financial sponsors of plasma TV would have come up with a better name for this advanced electronic technology. Thankfully they are much better at the science and engineering than they are at marketing, and rest assured that you don’t have to make trips to the blood bank to power you brand new uber-high tech plasma TV and you don’t have to cover it with a dark drop cloth the minute that the sun comes up over the horizon. Plasma TV’s are just the latest in large, flat screen technology and if you haven’t seen the pictures that these screens generate do yourself a favor and run down to the nearest electronic outlet and check one out for yourself. Better yet, take a look at some of the Plasma TV’s listed here and then go out and buy one. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Buys On LCD TV’s

Move over CRT television, it is a large screen TV world and few large screen televisions are more popular than the liquid crystal display or LCD versions you can find in most electronics dealers around the country. Without getting into too much of the techno-jargon about LCD television suffice it to say that LCD TV is a flat screen version of something that you or your parents probably first saw in an episode of Lost In Space or Star Trek. However, while those flat screen monitors were flashing props, today’s LCD’s are the real thing and these screens are now being used in everything from video players, clocks, watches, calculators, telephones, and yes, televisions. These flat panel display monitors use light modulating properties of liquid crystals, thus the name. They do not emit light directly but what they do is comprise the main component of the most popular television monitors on the market today. Here are a few different types of LCD’s, along with who makes them and how much you can expect to pay for them.

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